Day IX - angles and lines over random patterns.

Day 9. 
Thinking about:
• angles and lines over random patterns.

Day VIII - imposing structures (grids) on nature.

Day 8.
Thinking about:
• imposing structures (grids) on nature.

Dara Vallely on Navan Fort © Jonathan Brennan Art (2023)

Day 7. Thinking about: 
• an inspiring visit to the studio of Dara Vallely in Armagh on the weekend.

Thinking about:
• structures
• repetition.

Day IV

Thinking about:

  • not thinking
  • doing
  • thinking vs doing.
Day III - 1

Thinking about: 

  • figure-ground relationship
  • an unconscious design aesthetic constraining the possibilities of the work
  • playing with the grid. 

Thinking about: 

  • having trends pointed out in your work that you hadn't noticed before
  • leaning into them
  • imposing structures. 
Day 1 ~ 21 February 2023

Thinking about: 

'Ciaran Carson's Dream'. Screenprint (based on a linocut) on Perspex © Jonathan Brennan (2022)

'Ciaran Carson's Dream' is a new work installed outside The Garrick Bar in Belfast. It's part of a series of works created for a project involving Seedhead Arts, Form Native and Belfast City Council.

'Mamalujo' © Jonathan Brennan

‘Mamalujo’ is my most recent video piece. It premiered at the Northern Ireland Mental Health Arts Festival, which took place last month – online.

From 'A Harlot's Progress' by Karen Daye Hutchinson

‘A Harlot’s Progress’
Karen Daye-Hutchinson

ArtisAnn Gallery, Belfast
2 May – 1 June 2019

Maxie. Acrylic on panel © Jonathan Brennan, 2019

Whatever you think about Robin Noel Pecknold, an essay he wrote for the liner notes of Fleet Foxes’ eponymous debut album has stuck with me and I feel is worth sharing.

Like all children, I drew a lot growing up. It was an immediate medium and the tools, pencil and paper, were simple and easy to find. It was something I continued doing for years, but very sporadically. 

Guadalupe prints in The Bantry Bookshop © Jonathan Brennan

Last week I was in Bantry for the West Cork Literary festival. The Bantry Bookshop hosted my brother Dylan Brennan in conversation on the subject of his most recent collection ‘Guadalupe & Other Hallucinations’.

Ben Weir giving his presentation in Framewerk Gallery © Jonathan Brennan

I've just returned from Ben Weir's book lauch of 'Everything Gets Treated The Same' at Framewerk gallery in Belfast.