East Belfast alleys inspire Dublin artist's new exhibit

East Belfast alleys inspire Dublin artist's new exhibit

The alleyways of east Belfast have inspired an exhibition by a Dublin artist who now lives in the city.

Jonathan Brennan said he was fascinated by the range of alleys in the east, some of which even feature statues of gnomes and owls and carefully-tended flowerbeds.

His exhibition of monotypes, Alleys of the East, takes place at Framewerk Gallery on the Upper Newtownards Road from Monday until April 8.

And a film about alleys by Jonathan, including interviews with east Belfast residents, will be shown as part of the Belfast Film Festival on April 8.

The dad-of-three said exploring the alleyways became a means of getting fit and getting to know the area.

"When I moved to Belfast, it wasn't long before I was exploring the Comber Greenway, which passes near to where I live. I also started to wonder about these alley spaces behind the rows of terraced houses that are so common here," he said.

"Then I made what seems now a rather obvious conclusion, that behind every row of terraced houses there is an alley waiting to explore, and I started to explore them all...

"It was then that I started to discover things and really got hooked."

Another exhibition by Jonathan inspired by Mexico continues at Cotton Court until April 1.